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A couple of years back I illustrated Frankenstein for Skyhorse Publishing.
Designing the monster of Frankenstein was the main challenge of illustrating this book.

I´ll share a bit of work process on my last drawing.

This is the first draft I made with spare paint on a chocolate wrapper, which I liked (the witch) and motivated me to do more:

For the first entry of my blog I´ll write a brief description of my general work process. Although it may seem a bit simple, I think this information can be useful for the people that don´t know much about art, but want to ask for a commission. I think pretty much everybody follows the same script. Some artists may not do too many sketches or none at all, work over a sketch for the final piece, work only digitally, or mixed with traditional tools... But in the end, we all must stick to the same steps.

I´m very happy to announce that I´ve recently finished illustrating "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley
for Skyhorse Publishing. It´s scheduled to come out on October